I graduated from the University of Miami in 1974 (yes, I just aged myself). I studied diligently, and I graduated with honors from the Medical Technology program associated with Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. It was, and still is, a huge hospital, and I was able to learn from the excellent teaching staff and experiences I had working in such an environment. After graduation, I proceeded to pass my national and state exams and was licensed to begin my career. I worked in a few clinical laboratories, and I also traveled for a few years implementing instrumentation in hospitals around the country. It was a good career, albeit without significant financial reward. I learned something more than money could buy, however. I learned how to take care of myself without many pharmaceuticals, and I learned why I should eat conscientiously, exercise when I could, and maintain a healthy weight. Things happen in life that are beyond our control, and some illnesses must be treated with pharmaceuticals and surgery. As I have aged, my spine has needed some surgical help, but nonetheless I still try to stay off of pharmaceuticals and keep active. As you age, it is essential to depend on yourself and not on doctors for your every need. Doctors are essential to our well-being, but we need to help ourselves also. 

One of my frustrations throughout my life has been the lack of knowledge about Medical Technology and labs in general. Most of my acquaintances have called me a nurse even after I told them I am a Medical Technologist. Clinical laboratories are generally hidden in basements or out of the way places in hospitals, and no one sees us. However, nurses are very visible, so it is natural that everyone who wears scrubs is called a nurse. Nursing education and Medical Technology education are totally different. We studied science and technology. Nurses studied patient care and biology. If I ever have a medical crisis, I will call a nurse, not a Medical Technologist! I would probably pass out during a medical emergency. 

No one seems to understand the Medical Technologists’ role in medical diagnosis. Without blood and body fluid analysis (along with other diagnostic tools such as X-ray, MRI, etc.), doctors would have a very difficult time diagnosing and treating their patients. Yet we are the hidden technology behind medical care.

It is my hope that this website and blog will help others understand their physiology and that this, in turn, will help them keep as fit and healthy as possible. I will share some of the technology that defines my reasoning while not going so far in depth that the fundamentals are difficult to grasp. 

What should have been first is last on this page. I give thanks to Jesus for preserving me to this “elder age”, and I know that He has given me this opportunity to share my knowledge with you. Without Him, all else is meaningless.