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You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Choices – we make choices every day of our lives.  I recently read an autobiography by Terrence Williams, a young man who succeeded against all odds.  He never gave up.  He learned to reject the ideas of his peers that would cause him to be dependent on the handouts of the government, destined to be a failure at life.  His friends always wanted the government to do more for them, to give more handouts, and it was never enough.  He didn’t want any of that, and he knew the government was causing a permanent problem in society.  He turned to Jesus, thanks to a loving family who fostered him at one point in his life and who guided him to the Lord.  

Our health also depends on choices, for the most part.  As I said in another blogpost, there are some diseases and illnesses that affect us, and we must deal with it.  It’s not our fault.  In those circumstances it is just as important to eat right, get the correct nutrients, and avoid bad habits.  

No one person has all of the answers to health, or to anything.  But logical choices not taken to extremes will hopefully keep us alive and well as long as possible. 

On this site I will recommend supplements, food, exercise, and choices that make sense.  There is no such thing as a miracle food, a miracle drug, or even a get rich quick scheme that really works!  Just do the right thing and you will be your best.  Take responsibility for yourself.  Don’t expect someone else to make your stay on this earth easy.  The very worst thing someone can do for you, or you can do for someone else, is to be given, or give, everything needed to live without working and earning your own way through life.  I know an adult man who has  yet to take responsibility for himself, and he has been ruined by being enabled all of his life.  Do not let that happen to you! 

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