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Isotonix brand supplements are health supplements that are easily digestible because when mixed with the water they become “isotonic”, or the same osmotic pressure as surrounding cells and body fluids.  Osmotic pressure refers to the amount of solutes in a fluid. Some vitamin supplements are marketed as whole food supplements, purportedly supplying the known and unknown nutrients found in food.  Careful review of the labels making such claims reveals that the greater part of vitamins used in whole food supplements are synthetic, in that they originate in high-tech chemical manufacturing facilities.  The synthetic vitamins are blended with plant and animal extracts to simulate the complexity of nutrients derived from eating whole foods.  Therefore, “whole food” supplements are not necessarily derived only from natural food sources.

Furthermore, synthetic vitamins produced under quality controlled conditions have specific advantages:

•             They are of highest purity.
•             Common allergens can be reduced or eliminated.
•             No pesticide residue.
•             Highly concentrated nutrients.
•             Reduced costs.
•             No variability in potency.

Ingredients come from many sources including naturally extracted from plants, minerals from the earth, biosynthesized with the help of algae or yeast, and synthesis of vitamins that are impractical to derive from natural sources by cost effective means. All of our ingredients must meet USP specifications for identity, quality and purity.

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