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What Happens in a Clinical Laboratory?

Clinical laboratories are complex places run by highly skilled Medical Technologists.  Diseases are diagnosed, health is confirmed, specific illnesses are found – but few people, even in the medical profession, understand the meaning of the tests.  The chemical, microbiological, and cellular evaluations performed by Medical Technologists often provide the physician’s diagnosis and treatment plan for his or her patients.  The Medical Technologists inform doctors and nurses about the health, or the illness, of their patients as determined by their patients’ blood and body fluid tests, and the doctors use this information to determine the treatment and identify the potential prognosis of their patients.  People are rarely aware of what goes on in a clinical laboratory, much less what tests their doctors order for them might mean.  

I have had over 40 years experience in the clinical lab (yes, I am THAT old).  I have see it all – from emergency situations that have called for laboratory results instantly to errors in samples that could be disastrous.  The simplest process of blood test tube identification is often bypassed for the sake of convenience.  For example, blood was drawn and NOT labeled at the bedside.  The test tubes containing the blood could easily be mislabeled with another patient’s identification.

I am available to help anyone who would like to know what their lab test results might mean.  Disclaimer:  I am NOT a medical doctor.  I am, however, a professional Medical Technologist who has performed most laboratory tests, and I can explain the meaning of these tests.  I cannot tell you anything about your specific health problems.  But I can enlighten you as to the meaning of the laboratory tests that your doctor may have ordered.  

You may contact me for an explanation of your lab tests.  There is no charge for my consultation. Again, I cannot tell you how these lab tests affect you specifically.  That is the job of your medical doctor.  My email is  If you would like a phone appointment, please email me or fill in the “Contact” page on this website and we can connect via phone. 

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