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Healthy blood is not only the anatomy of the circulatory system, but also the physiology as presented by the chemical and cellular picture of the liquid and cells of the circulatory system.  This physiology is determined by laboratory tests that are performed by Medical Technologists.  Medical Technologists are highly skilled and educated individuals who utilize microscopes, manual tests, and complex analyzers to gather information about blood and body fluid specimens. They look at stained smears of blood cells and bacteria. They search fresh specimens for parasites and microbes. They monitor chemical reactions.  It takes years of study and experience to find and identify pathogens, to determine cellular abnormalities, and to determine blood and fluid levels of just about every chemical in the human body. Without the skills of a Medical Technologist, doctors would not know precisely how to treat their patients – which drugs to use and what type of medical care they should receive.

Medical Technologists have “inside information” about not only what makes us sick, but also  about what keeps us healthy. This information is used to make decisions about how to treat illnesses of all sorts and also about how to eat and treat our bodies in order to stay healthy. It seems like everyone has an opinion about what to eat and how to exercise. We all have certain beliefs or likes and dislikes – some like meat, some don’t, some like dairy, and some don’t, etc. I will present facts learned in a laboratory, give you some guidelines, and you must make your own decisions about your lifestyle choices. I will write blogs about what is inside our bodies, how the chemicals and cells work, and how you can keep as healthy as is humanly possible, barring serious disease states that even physicians struggle with finding solutions for.  Even then, it can’t hurt from being the healthiest we can be in all circumstances.  Stay tuned for blog updates!

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